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Passion, proficiency, and profound insights define our exceptional team of investment professionals. We take pride in our ability to turn aspirations into achievements, providing our clients with the ultimate pathway to financial freedom through property investments.

Chief Executive Officer

Stephania Morales

Stephania Morales, an accomplished entrepreneur and visionary leader, is driven by her passion for real estate and her determination to make a significant impact on the urban landscape. Upon graduating from FIU, Stephania ventured into the heart of Miami, a city renowned for its vibrant real estate market and iconic skylines. Amidst the thriving Miami billionaire strip, she immersed herself in the world of real estate, gaining invaluable experience and insights. Her meticulous approach to business management and ability to thoroughly examine available opportunities set her apart as a rising star in the industry.

In pursuit of her grand goal, Stephania founded Moneda Capital PLC, a groundbreaking real estate development company. As the Founder and CEO of Moneda Capital, she leads her team with an inspiring blend of innovation, ambition, and determination. Under her visionary leadership, the company has thrived, consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible in real estate.

Chief Financial Officer

Rene Wang MBA Msc

Rene Wang joins Moneda Capital PLC as the Chief Financial Officer, equipped with an exceptional educational and professional background. She earned her MA in Educational Leadership and Management from the University of Warwick, UK, and an MBA with Distinction in Global Business from Coventry University London, alongside a CMI Certificate Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership. Her undergraduate studies were completed at Tianjin Foreign Studies University, China, with a BA in English and International Business.

Rene's entrepreneurial journey includes founding GoChinese Mandarin in London, which emerged as a leading Mandarin school serving a distinguished clientele from sectors like banking (HSBC), accounting (EY), tech giants (Google, Amazon), and media (BBC), among others. This role underlined her prowess in financial operations, strategic growth, and forging key partnerships.

Her career spans across higher education, international trade, retail, and events, showcasing her skills in startups, sales & marketing, CRM, and strategic project management. At Moneda Capital PLC, Rene is set to leverage her financial insight and innovative strategies to drive financial growth and operational efficiency, aligning with our commitment to global strategic expansion and financial excellence.

Chief Operating Officer

Lyande Kaikai

While attending university, Lyande worked part-time as an admin assistant in the health sector. She quickly rose to the position of managing consultant, leading transformation programmes for large government organisations, including the Sierra Leone Ebola outbreak and the British COVID-19 pandemic. During her health career, Lyande built up a property portfolio by purchasing, refurbishing, and renting out flats in south London. Having become mortgage-free on her residential property, she saw an opportunities to help other homeowners plan for retirement and invest in real estate.

Lyande joins Moneda Capital PLC as Chief Operating Officer to oversee daily operations and support the company's long-term business strategy.

Chief Compliance Officer

Edwin Harlley

Edwin Harlley brings a wealth of experience from over twenty years in banking, asset management, and the energy sector to Moneda Capital PLC, with pivotal roles at Nomura Asset Management as Head of Trading and Operations, and Santander Bank in management positions. His expertise in brokering significant transactions in the commodities market, including a standout $1.2 billion D2 fuel deal, underscores his proficiency in high-stakes environments.

In his capacity at Moneda Capital PLC, Edwin leverages his comprehensive understanding of global funds, commodities transactions, and robust feasibility analysis to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. His extensive network within the commodities sector, combined with his adeptness in risk management and forex hedging, further supports his role in ensuring that trading operations and investment management adhere to regulatory requirements and best practices.

Edwin's commitment to enhancing operational control, efficiency, and effectiveness has been crucial in aligning Moneda Capital PLC's strategic operations with compliance mandates. His significant contributions to the firm's compliance framework make him an invaluable asset, reinforcing our commitment to upholding the highest standards of regulatory adherence and client service.

Chief Marketing Officer

Gaurav Tiwari

Gaurav is an accomplished Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Moneda Capital PLC, bringing a wealth of experience from his roles as the Founder of Kairo5 Marcom Pvt Ltd. and Executive Director of Marketing and Strategic Alliances at Zeal Global Group. With his marketing expertise and strategic acumen, Gaurav shines as a true maven in the industry. His refined skills in advertising, social media management, and meticulous planning orchestrate a symphony of success within the investment domain, adeptly catering to the diverse needs of seasoned investors and enthusiastic newcomers alike.

Director Operations

Kem Clemence

Meet Kem Clemence, an all-rounder whose expertise spans the realms of branding, technology, and property. As an accomplished business development manager, Kem possesses a keen eye for forging strategic partnerships and excels at managing high-value projects.

Kem's proficiency is most notably demonstrated in his mastery of the property development sphere. His recent work on pioneering initiatives in modular housing has been a decisive step in addressing housing shortages while ensuring the delivery of top-quality, affordable homes. Notably, his astute insights have played a pivotal role in fostering collaborations with landowners, effectively expanding the influence and impact of modular housing solutions.

When it comes to branding and media, Kem stands apart, skillfully crafting captivating narratives that have garnered attention from international collaborators, all while underscoring their unwavering commitment to generating new revenue streams.

Kem's tech-savvy approach has been a driving force behind technological innovations, propelling growth and optimising operations with remarkable efficiency. His remarkable talent for cultivating fruitful partnerships has resulted in successful collaborations with prestigious entities such as Disney and the National Gallery.

Looking ahead with visionary foresight, Kem is spearheading initiatives in international markets, harmonising with local visions for sustainable housing, and harnessing the full potential of modular housing.

In the property development industry, Kem Clemence is a beacon of strategic insight, endowed with an impressive array of versatile skills and dynamic leadership capabilities. His unparalleled ability to forge meaningful partnerships and drive initiatives with profound social impact sets him apart as a true luminary in the field.

Director Acquisitions

Gary Rose

Gary has a wealth of experience working on behalf of some of the most recognised brands in the world. Passionate about building new business partnerships and developing brand-new alliances, he's been fundamental to achieving tremendous growth for previous companies and clients throughout the UK.

Office Operations Manager

Ashleigh Ulysses

With a career in Operations Management spanning over a decade, Ashleigh has worked in finance, construction and technology, establishing a proven track record in executing impact-oriented strategies and the implementation of efficient systems. She thrives in cross-collaborative projects, with a passion for finding alignment amongst different departments, and assisting the team in achieving successful results and maintaining Moneda's high standards.

An inherently effective communicator, Ashleigh enjoys stakeholder management and fostering a sense of culture amongst the team.

Outside of work, Ashleigh is committed to volunteering for a national charity where she runs a community centred group and offers her time as a speaker for the improvement of bereavement care amongst both medical students and professionals.

Business Development Manager

Victor Acquah

Victor is responsible for corporate accounting and finance at Moneda Capital PLC. Before joining Moneda Capital PLC, he worked in various roles in both investment and large corporate banking for firms like Nomura Asset Management, Natwest Bank (former RBS), and Barclays Bank. Victor holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Business Information Technology and is an expert at growing and managing funds at a corporate level. Victor has also managed funds and investments for a variety of high-net-worth individuals both here in the UK, in Africa, and in the UAE.

He is a keen rugby player and is heavily involved in social mobility projects that help ethnic minority youths enter the world of finance.

Director Investments

Troy Hubbard

Meet Troy, a versatile professional with a passion for the world of property and finance. With a diverse background in residential sales, new homes, land, and investment, Troy has honed their skills in the real estate industry, achieving success through a client-centric approach and a keen eye for lucrative opportunities.

Director Investments

Paul Eberendu

With a career in sales spanning over 2 decades, Paul joins Moneda Capital PLC as Director Investments / Head of Sales driven by a vision of exceptional service and unparalleled knowledge of a superior product.

General Manager

Gregory Scott

Gregory's career trajectory is a testament to his adaptability and expertise. Beginning in recruitment, with a focus on IT and Financial personnel, he seamlessly transitioned into the financial sector, where he has excelled in Wealth Management for expatriates and offshore clients. This role not only leveraged his professional skills but also allowed him to indulge in his passion for travel, enhancing his global perspective and market understanding.

Throughout his career, Gregory has been instrumental in forging strong relationships across Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and notably in South East Asia. His efforts have opened doors for his clients to explore and capitalise on unique investment opportunities in emerging markets. His adeptness in managing clients' funds and portfolios has cemented his reputation, offering unparalleled service that is both invaluable and highly respected. Gregory's approachability and personable nature further endear him to clients, making him a preferred advisor.

Having lived and worked in major global financial hubs, including London, Los Angeles, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Hong Kong, Gregory brings a rich tapestry of life and work experiences to Moneda Capital PLC. His insights into the global economy are pragmatic and grounded, enriching his advisory role and reinforcing his status as a senior advisor. Gregory's diverse background and successful track record make him an asset to our team and a trusted guide for our clients navigating the complexities of the financial world.

Senior Investment Advisor

Curtis Myton

Curtis brings to Moneda Capital PLC a distinguished 15-year career in London's top estate agencies, including Fine and Country, Haart, Barnard Marcus, and Ludlowthompson, culminating in senior management roles. His transition from the fast-paced Forex trading world has endowed him with exceptional client management skills and a deep understanding of property investment.

Crucially, Curtis possesses an insightful knowledge of emerging markets, enhancing his ability to navigate and leverage the unique opportunities they offer. This expertise, combined with his dedication to delivering the highest service level, enables him to effectively match our clients with investment opportunities characterised by growth, stability, and security.

With a keen eye for detail and a strategic approach to investment, Curtis's comprehensive skill set makes him an invaluable asset to our team and a trusted adviser to our clients.

Investment Advisor

Shane Sweeney (MSc/ EFA/ QFA)

Shane Sweeney, a Portfolio Manager at Moneda Capital PLC, brings a powerful blend of education and experience to his role. A Qualified Financial Advisor with a Masters in Investments, Treasury, and Banking from Dublin City University, Shane has a deep understanding of investment strategies and risk management. His experience as a Personal Banking and Investments Executive at KBC in Dublin further showcases his expertise. Shane has successfully conducted in-depth financial analysis for high-net-worth clients, marketed and sold investment products, and developed comprehensive financial plans tailored to individual needs. He's dedicated to delivering impactful financial strategies while consistently ensuring client satisfaction.

He is a keen football and Gaelic football player and is heavily involved in social mobility projects that help ethnic minority youths enter the world of finance.

Portfolio Manager

James Heal

Since graduating from Oxford Brookes University, James has acquired a range of complementary skills throughout his time in real estate, financial brokering and recruitment. With client satisfaction paramount for James, he is passionate about serving Moneda Capital’s client base with a bespoke approach.

James enjoys playing tennis and padel. When he’s not on the court, you can find him on the slopes as an avid skier.

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