Moneda Villa

North Bay Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33140


Investment Amount ()
Term (Length of Investment)
Interest % (per annum) *


3 years

Raise Amount

£5.5 million

Interest (up to)

7.2% p.a.


Moneda Villa, located in the esteemed La Gorce Golf Subdivision of Miami Beach, represents an unparalleled investment opportunities in one of the most desirable beachfront locales globally. This historic property, dating back to 1935, offers a luxurious living experience with four spacious bedrooms, five elegant bathrooms, and an array of modern amenities. Positioned within a prestigious area known for its exclusivity and high demand, Moneda Villa combines tranquil living with easy access to Miami Beach's vibrant culture and amenities.

Our Strategy

At Moneda Capital PLC, our strategic approach for Moneda Villa is centred on maximising its prime location and historical significance to provide stable and consistent returns. By offering quarterly payments from the rental income of the Villa at a fixed annual rate, we aim to deliver a dependable revenue stream to our investors. Our focus is on preserving the property's classic elegance while integrating modern luxury features, thus increasing its attractiveness to high-end renters. This blend of timeless charm and contemporary comfort is key to appealing to a discerning clientele and sustaining high occupancy rates. Our dedicated professional team is committed to providing a smooth and efficient investment experience, upholding the exceptional standards synonymous with Moneda Villa and its prestigious Miami Beach setting.

Investment Potential

The investment in Moneda Villa is not just about acquiring a luxury property; it's about tapping into the growth potential of Miami Beach, especially with the upcoming 2026 FIFA World Cup. The event, with Inter Miami's new stadium set to host key games and the allure of star players like Lionel Messi, is expected to drive significant growth and interest in the area. This enhances the property's value and appeal, making Moneda Villa a strategic investment choice.

Investment Highlights

1. Premium location

Nestled in Miami Beach's prestigious La Gorce Golf Subdivision, offering exclusivity and high demand.

2. Luxurious amenities

Features a grand kitchen, guest quarters, and high-impact windows, combining luxury with practicality.

3. Historical significance

A property with rich history, offering a unique blend of classic and modern living.

4. 2026 FIFA World Cup growth driver

The upcoming World Cup and Inter Miami’s new stadium, along with star attractions like Lionel Messi, are poised to significantly boost the area's value.

5. Proven team expertise

Managed by Moneda Capital PLC's dedicated team, ensuring professional handling and maximisation of investment value.

Moneda Villa is more than an investment; it's an opportunities to be part of Miami Beach's luxurious lifestyle, promising both financial returns and a connection to a globally recognised destination.

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