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India: The rising star of whiskey

Moneda Capital PLC presents a unique investment opportunities in LVR Spirits, an Indian whiskey producer at the forefront of the burgeoning Indian whiskey market. India, currently the largest consumer of whiskey globally, accounts for almost half of the worldwide consumption.

This surge is propelled by the expanding middle class and a growing interest in premium spirits. LVR Spirits embodies the perfect fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation, producing internationally acclaimed whiskeys with indigenous grains and age-old distilling techniques. These exceptional spirits have earned global accolades, solidifying India's position in the global whiskey arena.

  • Hedging against UK economic fluctuations
    In times of economic flux, with rising inflation and interest rates in the UK, investing in Indian whiskey offers a strategic diversification. LVR Spirits represents not just a venture into a thriving market but also an opportunities for currency diversification, potentially offsetting the risks associated with the current economic uncertainties in the UK.
  • Attractive returns from a growing market
    The appeal of LVR Spirits extends beyond Indian borders. The brand is capturing the curiosity of international markets, including the Africa, U.K and USA, where the demand for unique and exotic whiskies is on a steady rise. This export potential opens up avenues for lucrative returns on investment, making LVR Spirits an attractive proposition for global investors.
  • Regulatory and taxation advantages
    India's progressive FDI policies are transforming the investment landscape, especially in the liquor industry, easing the way for foreign investments like those in LVR Spirits. Additionally, the strong bilateral trade ties between India, the UK, and the USA hint at future benefits in terms of favourable tariffs and regulatory conditions, enhancing the potential of this investment.
  • The sustainability edge
    Investing in LVR Spirits is not just a financial decision but also a step towards supporting sustainable practices. The brand is deeply integrated with local communities in India, contributing to the socio-economic upliftment of the regions it operates in. By investing in LVR Spirits through Moneda Capital PLC's Synergy Loan Notes, you are not only tapping into a promising financial opportunities but also contributing to a sustainable and socially responsible endeavour.

Market Expansion Strategy

The strategic expansion of "O' Darling" by LVR Spirits: A top investment choice with Moneda Capital PLC

In the past year, "O' Darling" by LVR Spirits has made remarkable strides in the Delhi market, swiftly climbing to 5th place in its segment and surpassing established competitors such as Diageo's Royal Challenge and Radico Khaitan's 8PM and After Dark whiskies.

As a standout investment facilitated by Moneda Capital PLC, "O' Darling" is now gearing up for ambitious growth, targeting expansions into the rest of India, UK and African markets.

Leveraging its unique quality, innovative spirit, and proven track record of rapid market penetration against major brands, the expansion strategy aims to establish "O' Darling" as a globally recognised brand that epitomises excellence and innovation.

Synergistic growth with Pradhaan Air Express and Indian movie production ties

The strategic synergy between "O' Darling" and Moneda Capital PLC's other Indian-based offering, Pradhaan Air Express, an air freight company, is a key driver for its expansion. This collaboration ensures streamlined logistics and efficient distribution, crucial for penetrating new markets. Additionally, LVR Spirits' connections with Indian movie production companies open avenues for brand exposure and marketing through product placements and endorsements, significantly boosting brand visibility.

Market expansion
India, UK, and Africa

India: The home ground
In India, "O' Darling" leverages the rising whiskey consumption trend, especially among the burgeoning middle class. Its unique flavour profile, tailored to Indian preferences, positions it strongly in a market ready for premium and craft spirits.

UK: Capitalising on cultural ties
The UK, with its historical connection to whiskey, presents a lucrative market for "O' Darling." Moneda Capital PLC's presence in London offers a strategic advantage, enabling the brand to tap into the UK's established whiskey culture and preference for unique international spirits.

Africa: A growing market
Africa's emerging market is ripe for exploring new whiskey brands. The rising disposable income and a growing interest in diverse spirits make it a promising destination for "O' Darling." Its light and fresh characteristics are well-suited to cater to a market exploring novel whiskey experiences

Investment Potential of "O' Darling"

The rapid expansion of "O' Darling" in these strategic markets is propelled by several factors:

  • Unique brand positioning
    "O' Darling" stands out with its distinct flavour and brand story, appealing to a wide range of consumers across different cultures.
  • Robust distribution network
    Leveraging Pradhaan Air Express's logistics capabilities ensures efficient market penetration and supply chain management.
  • Cultural and cinematic marketing
    The brand's visibility is amplified through strategic tie-ups with the Indian film industry, resonating with a global audience.
  • Diversified market reach
    The presence in varied markets mitigates risks and capitalises on different consumer tastes and preferences.
  • Attractive returns
    With Moneda Capital PLC's backing, investors enjoy attractive returns and become part of a brand with global aspirations and a strong growth trajectory.

Investment Highlights

1. Dominant market presence

India has recently overtaken France as the world's top importer and consumer of whiskey. The market has experienced a staggering 200% growth in the last decade, a clear indicator of India's evolving preference for both traditional Scottish brands and emerging local labels.

2. Cross-generational appeal

A YouGov India survey reveals whiskey's widespread popularity across age groups. While 21% of respondents over 40 years prefer whiskey at formal events, the younger demographic, aged 18 to 29, is more inclined toward enjoying whiskey in social settings like office parties and clubs.

3. Diverse consumer base

This broad appeal across generations highlights the diverse market potential for whiskey brands, catering to various tastes and occasions.

4. Innovative production

The blend of traditional and contemporary production methods in Indian whiskey brands has earned them international recognition and awards, enhancing their global marketability.

5. Economic and currency hedge

Investment in Indian whiskey serves as a strategic hedge against economic volatility and currency fluctuations in markets like the UK.

6. Regulatory and trade advantages

India's liberalised FDI policies and strong trade relationships with countries like the UK and the USA create favourable conditions for whiskey investments.

Investment Terms and Returns

Attractive returns and flexible terms

Moneda Capital PLC's investment in LVR Spirits offers an attractive interest rate of up to 9.8% per annum, with flexible duration options ranging from 1 to 3 years. This investment not only promises lucrative returns but also provides a chance to be a part of the extraordinary growth story of Indian whiskey.

In conclusion, investing in "O' Darling" through Moneda Capital PLC offers a blend of cultural richness, market savvy, and strategic foresight. It's an opportunities to be part of a whiskey brand that's set to make a significant mark on the global stage, offering not just financial returns but a share in a story of cultural amalgamation and innovative expansion.

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