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Moneda Capital PLC's diverse portfolio

Moneda Capital PLC proudly introduces Synergy Loan Notes, an integral feature of our broad investment portfolio. This opportunity allows clients to engage in carefully chosen sectors renowned for their growth potential and diversification benefits: transport and logistics, food and beverage, and media and entertainment. Highlight investments such as LVR Spirits and Pradhaan Air Express showcase the unique expansion and diversification opportunities available to our investors.

Introduction to Loan Notes with Moneda Capital PLC

What are Loan Notes?

Loan notes are financial instruments representing a promise to pay back a specified amount of money, along with interest, at predetermined times. They serve as an alternative to traditional lending and can offer flexibility both for issuers and investors.

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the property market, it's clear that loan notes have recently carved a niche for themselves. Attracting the attention of property developers across a spectrum of sectors - from luxury hotels and the thriving build-to-rent scene, to private rental housing, traditional residential developments, and the dynamic student accommodation niche.

For those considering investment avenues, efficiently structured loan notes offer several compelling advantages. The essential components of loan notes are as follows:

  1. Principal and Interest Details
  2. Maturity and Repayment Terms
  3. Investor Security

Plrincipal and Interest Details: The foundational aspect of any loan note. It lays out the principal amount, the interest rate, and the mechanisms through which interest is either paid or capitalised.

Maturity and Repayment Terms: This section sheds light on when a loan note matures, signalling its endpoint, and the terms under which the principal amount will be repaid to the investor.

Investor Security: For added protection, some loan notes are backed by collateral or guarantees. This ensures the safety of the investor's funds should unforeseen circumstances arise.

At Moneda Capital PLC, our unique approach provides an added layer of assurance. Owning the land we develop on anchors our projects with tangible assets, offering stability in asset value. Additionally, our choice to operate without institutional debt creates an environment with fewer financial constraints. This strategic combination emphasises our commitment to upholding investor trust and ensuring capital safety.

If you're interested in a detailed overview of our offering, the Moneda Capital PLC Loan Note Instrument is available for you. Simply reach out to us for an official application form, or set up a client account on our website to access the document.

Educate Yourself: While we provide comprehensive information about our loan notes, we always encourage clients to conduct their own independent research. Having a well-rounded understanding ensures that you make informed decisions tailored to your specific financial needs and aspirations.

Unlocking Investment Synergy

Moneda Capital PLC's Diverse Portfolio

Moneda Capital PLC is delighted to offer Synergy Loan Notes as part of our diverse investment portfolio. Our clients have the opportunity to invest in meticulously selected categories that show promising growth and diversity: real estate, transport and logistics, food and beverage, and media and entertainment. Each category, with flagship investments like Autumn Leaf Apartments, Moneda Villa, LVR Spirits, and Pradhaan Air Express, represents a unique prospect for growth and diversification.

Collaborative Efficiency

Maximising our Portfolio's Potential

Our investment strategy is designed to harness the collaborative potential of our diverse ventures. For instance, Pradhaan Air Express enhances the reach of our other investments, such as LVR Spirits, by providing strategic logistics solutions. This synergy not only streamlines operations but also amplifies the value proposition for our investors, illustrating our commitment to creating investment portfolios that are both enriching and globally connected.

Our Portfolio

Investment Potential

Synergy Loan Notes

Synergy Loan Notes are tailored for qualified investors looking to capitalise on our alternative investment ventures, offering flexible terms from 1 to 3 years. These instruments are a testament to our dynamic approach, encapsulating the essence of strategic investment across various flourishing sectors.

Diversify with Confidence

Our portfolio, encompassing the thriving sectors of Real Estate, Transport & Logistics, Food & Beverage, and Media & Entertainment, is curated to provide investors with a spectrum of avenues for portfolio diversification. We're not just offering investments; we're offering a cohesive strategy designed to expand financial potential through synergy.

Begin your Investment Journey

Embark on a transformative investment journey with Moneda Capital PLC. Synergy isn't just a concept; it's the foundation of your financial prosperity with us. Reach out to begin crafting a portfolio that captures the momentum of the global market and achieves outstanding growth.

Invest with Moneda Capital PLC, where we harness the power of synergy to elevate your investment portfolio.

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Unlocking Synergy in Your Investments. Elevating Your Portfolio.

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Embark on a transformative investment journey with Moneda Capital PLC, where synergy is not just a concept but the cornerstone of your financial success. Contact us today to discuss your investment goals, and let us help you craft a portfolio that reflects the dynamism of the global market while achieving exceptional growth. Diversify, collaborate, and prosper with Moneda Capital PLC, where we turn the power of synergy into reality.

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Key features

Investment terms
Investors have the flexibility to select from terms of 1, 2, or 3 years, allowing for alignment with individual investment timelines and goals. These options are designed to accommodate various financial planning strategies.

Minimum investment
An entry investment of £20,000 is required to participate in these opportunities, enabling investors to engage with our Synergy Loan Notes at a level that is accessible while still offering the potential for meaningful returns.

Fixed annual interest rate:
Our Synergy Loan Notes provide a fixed annual interest rate of up to 9.8%, delivering predictable and stable growth throughout the investment period. This rate is established to ensure clarity and assurance for your investment returns.

Important information

This financial promotion is issued by Moneda Capital PLC and is in compliance with the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) regulations regarding the marketing of Unregulated Collective Investment Opportunity (UCIS). It is important to note that Synergy Loan Notes are a form of UCIS and are not suitable for all investors. Only those who meet specific criteria defined by the FCA regulations are eligible to invest.

The content provided here is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice or a personal recommendation from Moneda Capital PLC. We do not offer financial advice outside the Republic of Ireland. Potential investors should independently assess the risks associated with such investments and are advised to seek independent financial advice.

Investments in Synergy Loan Notes carry inherent risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. Such investments are not suitable for all investors and do not grant direct access to the underlying assets. Past performance is not indicative of future results, and the value of investments can both rise and fall.

We encourage those interested in Synergy Loan Notes to contact Moneda Capital PLC for comprehensive information to help determine if this investment aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

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