Autumn Leaf Apartments

Hogg Lane, Grays RM17


Investment Amount ()
Term (Length of Investment)
Interest % (per annum) *


2.5 years

Raise Amount

£2 million

Interest (up to)

8.2% p.a.


Autumn Leaf Apartments presents a unique real estate opportunities in Grays, featuring 9 elegantly designed 2 and 3-bedroom apartments. These apartments, set in a serene natural backdrop, offer both privacy and community with individual gardens and a shared landscaped space. Located just 8km from London, this development is perfect for families, professionals, and retirees seeking a tranquil living environment close to the city. With a projected GDV of £3.2m, Autumn Leaf Apartments is poised to be a coveted sanctuary, marrying convenience with natural beauty.

Our Strategy

Moneda Capital PLC's strategy for the Autumn Leaf Apartments is tailored to meet the needs of investors, focusing on the intersection of sustainable development and profitable returns. We meticulously orchestrate each aspect of this development to maximise both investor returns and tenant satisfaction. By integrating modern living with natural elements, we create a living space that is not only luxurious and comfortable but also eco-friendly, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

Our emphasis on using natural materials and implementing eco-conscious designs not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the development but also ensures long-term sustainability, a key factor in maintaining and increasing property value. This approach positions Autumn Leaf Apartments as a prime opportunities for fixed-rate investors seeking stable and attractive returns in the real estate sector.

Led by a team of experienced real estate professionals, we are devoted to bringing this vision to life, ensuring that every aspect of the development aligns with our high standards of quality and profitability. Our focus is on creating a development that stands as a testament to responsible investment, offering a sustainable and profitable opportunities for our investors.

Investment Potential

Investing in Autumn Leaf Apartments means being part of a growing demand for luxury living spaces within easy reach of London. This development offers a compelling investment opportunities, with its close proximity to the capital, appealing to a broad market base. The tranquility and unique design of the apartments, combined with the increasing appeal of suburban living, position this project for substantial appreciation and rental demand, making it an attractive proposition for homebuyers and thus, our investors.

Investment Highlights

Following the understanding of its potential, the specific highlights of Pradhaan Air Express further solidify its appeal:

1. Prime location:

Situated just 8km from London, offering the perfect blend of city access and peaceful living.

2. Luxury living:

Each apartment boasts spacious 2-3 bedroom layouts, private gardens, and access to a picturesque communal garden.

3. High market demand:

Targeting a diverse clientele, including families, professionals, and retirees, maximises occupancy and investment returns.

4. Sustainable and modern design

Focusing on eco-friendly materials and nature-inspired interiors, aligning with contemporary design trends.

5. Experienced development team

Backed by a team with a proven track record in delivering high-quality real estate projects.

Autumn Leaf Apartments represents an opportunities to invest in a thoughtfully designed, strategically located development with significant

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