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Welcome to Moneda Capital PLC, an esteemed and forward-thinking investment firm based in the iconic Michelin House in Chelsea, London. With additional offices in the Republic of Ireland and the USA, we have established ourselves as a global player in the investment sector, catering to a diverse and sophisticated clientele.

Strategic Global Presence

Our head office in London's Michelin House symbolises our heritage and commitment to excellence. The strategic locations of our offices in Dublin and New York enable us to maintain a robust global presence, offering our clients a broad perspective and access to international markets.

Diverse investment portfolio

At Moneda Capital PLC, our expertise lies in offering a range of fixed-rate investment opportunities across various dynamic sectors, including real estate, transport and logistics, food and beverage, and media and entertainment. Our approach is defined by a commitment to innovation, excellence, and sustainable growth, ensuring our clients have access to some of the most lucrative and secure investment options available.

Real estate

We specialise in high-potential real estate investments, including property developments in the UK and the USA, tapping into lucrative markets with significant growth prospects.


Transport and Logistics

Our investments in this sector focus on innovative solutions like Pradhaan Air Express, revolutionising air freight with state-of-the-art technology and strategic global routes.


Food and Beverage

With ventures like LVR Spirits, an Indian whiskey brand, we are tapping into rapidly growing markets, reflecting our commitment to exploring diverse and vibrant investment landscapes.


Media and Entertainment

Our portfolio also extends to the dynamic world of media and entertainment, investing in ventures that are at the forefront of creativity and market trends.


Commitment to Excellence

At Moneda Capital PLC, we pride ourselves on our meticulous approach to investment. We conduct extensive research and due diligence to ensure that each investment opportunities we offer is not just profitable but also aligns with our values of integrity, innovation, and client satisfaction.

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At Moneda Capital PLC, we pioneer diverse investments with a global presence. Our expertise lies in UK property development and alternative sectors like whiskey, air freight, and entertainment. Introducing our unique approach, the fixed rate investment, backed by 'Synergy Loan Notes,' offers flexibility across 1 to 5 years. Led by a seasoned team, we prioritize transparency, innovation, and personalized strategies. Partner with Moneda Capital PLC for a dynamic journey towards financial excellence and seize remarkable opportunities with our Synergy Loan Notes.

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